Glass Infrastructure back to all projects The Glass Infrastructure is an open, social information window into the MIT Media Lab using 30 touch-sensitive screens strategically placed throughout the Media Lab complex. The experience of using the screens is optimized for guests and visitors who collaboratively explore and uncover the people, ideas, and connections behind the research of the Lab. The system also makes suggestions about who to meet, where they may be, and what projects and people - represented as "charms" - one ought to collect, trade, and share. This is a model for an open IT system that can be used anywhere; it is a framework for developing open-area and personally responsive access methods.

This project was created using Nginx, Tornado, Python, Mysql, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Javascript, Open Mind Common Sense and ISO 18000-6C based RFID equipment

Because the Glass Infrastructure is both research and a live production system, it took a historic collaboration of effort between my group, Viral Communications, the Information Ecology Group, the Software Agents Group and Necsys; represented by the following people:

Henry Holtzman PI, Andy Lippman Phd PI, Matthew Blackshaw Ms '12, Rick Borovoy Phd, Greg Elliott Ms '11, Jon Ferguson, Catherine Havasi Phd, Boris G Kizelshteyn Ms '11, Julia Shuhong Ma Ms '12, Daniel Edward Schultz Ms '12 and Polychronis Ypodimatopoulos Phd '13
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