PopUp Mural back to all projects Developed as a final project for the Interrogative Design Workshop: Projection / Installation / Intervention class taught by Krzysztof Wodiczko at the MIT Art Culture and Technology Department in the Spring of 2010, the PopUp Mural is a projection based installation that allows users to supply images electronically (via MMS, email, bluetooth, etc) for projection onto an architectural surface. The effect is that of a mural, defined by its location, yet simultaneously ephemeral and instantaneous as apposed to permanent and taking time to create. Designed to invite visitors to make themselves part of the place they visit by leaving a digital expression, we envision this serving to attract an audience to venture to places they usually don't; economically depressed areas attracting an audience from across the city or as a technology of protest for the economically depressed to assert their presence on buildings representing power and access. PopUp Mural has been exhibited twice since May 2010. In the sequence above it was on display in the MIT Media Lab's 3rd floor atrium as part of the 2010 Defy Gravity exhibition, where it was customised to project on a single flat wall, with newer images illuminating more prominently as older ones fade into an abstract tapestry of light.

Below are images of the PopUp Mural on display in the Figment NYC 2010 exhibition on Governer's Island. The exhibit was generously funded by a director's grant from the MIT Council for the Arts. The mural was projected onto a ceiling arch, requiring people to look up. This was necessitated by the lighting conditions, but also served as a nice riff on the name.

This project was created using Processing, OpenCV, LAMP (Python) and dual 2700 Lumens projectors
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