ARPricetag back to all projects This project was part of my winning submission to the "Bank of America: How will we buy things in the future" IAP 2010 competition entitled, Keep it Real: Basing Your Mental Accounting on Reality.

Mental accounting allows us to evaluate buying decisions, perform cost-benefit analysis, and balance our books on the fly. But it is at best a limited process often disconnected from our financial reality, biased by our moment to moment emotions and for many not truly reflecting of their financial goals. We seek to augment this natural capacity so that it becomes intimately informed by reality and therefore a great financial ally. Imagine seeing the real cost of an item based on such factors as which credit card you plan to use to your budget for the month or year displayed alongside the product just in time of your decision to buy. Our application externalizes your financial ability into the environment around you, hybridizing your profile, past purchases, financial history and the information about the product under consideration. Thereby allowing you to have a mindful and more rational view of the impact a purchase will have on your financial goals.

In addition to the augmented reality application interface we also developed a browser plugin that was meant to connect with same backend data and help users make better informed buying decisions online. It is pictured below.

This project was created using Actionscript, FLARToolkit and Javascript

This project was a collaboration with Ugo Anyanwu, MIT Sloan MBA 2010.

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