Hi, I'm Boris Kizelshteyn In 2011 I earned an Ms from the MIT Media Lab. During my two years as a degree candidate and research assistant in the Viral Spaces group under Andrew Lippman, I worked on technology projects ranging from Intelligent Signage to Personal Finance and some fun Art in between, unified by the goal of making digital information relevant in physical contexts. The culmination of this work is my master's thesis, Reach, a proximal messaging system that aids users in the intelligent discovery of useful people and resources that are nearby and available, but may be out of sight. I hope that this new, technology enabled, sense will help people amplify their ability to do good for eachother.

I'm also keenly interested in Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D), particularly in democratizing access to knowledge by promoting easy access to Internet devices for people in developing countries. In the summer of 2010 I traveled on an NSF grant to India and extensively catalogued Internet usage by the majority population in my connectedworld blog.

Before coming to the MIT I worked in the virtual worlds industry with a specific focus on therapeutic applications of the technology.

And before that (what can I say I'm in my 30's!) I was an Internet applications developer with experience working for large organizations such as the United Nations and Goldman Sachs as well as in the trenches of some high profile start-ups. For more about my professional career check out my linkedin profile.