X-Ray Audio back to all projects X-Ray Audio is the ability to locate an audio-conference in space. Occupants of the designated geo-located space become automatic participants in the conference, hear each-other’s voices emanating from their relative directions, modulated by orientation and distance. By creating a voice conference attached to a locale, we enable people to continue the experience of a close quarter discussion over any distance, through walls and around corners.

We see X-Ray Audio being particularly useful in automotive applications. Drivers can join voice chat rooms and hear the voices of other drivers around them, being able to tell which drivers are speaking directionally. They can then move their listening position further up or back down the road using driving safe inputs. This allows them to orient themselves without having to rely on a screen as the primary user interface. The video above demonstrates a telematic application of X-Ray Audio using data from Onstar. The project was a finalist in the Onstar Developer Challenge, unvieled during the 2011 Where 2.0 conference.

This project was created using LAMP (Php), Java, Open Wonderland, Flash, Android, Google Maps, QuickFuse, and data from Onstar

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